Root Sex And Healing Oneself

*Warning is that this is a sensitive subject and may cause triggers in some of you*


Believe it or not, sex isn’t just about procreation or abuse of energy. We just need to understand our libido, organs and the root chakra to enable us to form healthy sexual desires and heal on a emotional/mental and energetic point.

Celibacy is meant to be the most spiritual route to take but if you have your desires and wants under control, you don’t need it. Celibacy in people who do not need to take this route can actually be causing them harm and the inbalances can manifest in various ways. In a sexual way, because rather than facing your sexual energy, you are avoiding it (ie, running in fear), you may be boxed in with it so a good person becomes a monster. This is factual in evidence. For example – A young boy, abused sexually, joins the priesthood and finds shelter and a false sense of transcendence, but over the years is eventually ‘boxed in’ by his inbalances until they overcome him and he himself becomes a child-molesting priest, preying on the very people who he is meant to protect.

So anyway, back on to how sex can heal you.

The language of sexual energy is not a lot different that the language of digestion. We can have a large appetite or a small one. We enjoy partaking of some things more than others. Some people eat loads, some peck like birds. Some folks like spicy foods, others prefer bland. On the other side of digestion, some people tend towards constipation, and others towards diarrhea. We know we are healthy when we are balanced – not too much one way or the other. This is the key to having a healthy outlook on sex as a whole – moderation. If you ate without chewing, you would be hungry all the time because you aren’t feeding your body or your brain with what it needs, you are simply swallowing food and shitting it out. If you chewed the food, you won’t be so hungry and will enjoy it more. Same applies to sex. Quality is better than quantity. You won’t get hungry for more sex if you took your time to enjoy it, rather than banging for the sake of busting your nut (same applies to women!).

One way to see if you are balanced is ask yourself how you view food and then ask the same for your genitals. Any bets, one will be off and the other will be balanced or both may be off.

Believe it or not, the sacral chakra (2nd) has nothing to do with your sexual energy. Nope! That’s to do with your view on sexuality and healthy relations on a emotional level…noithing to do with the primal sexual energy on a physical level which is a ROOT chakra thing (1st). So in order to heal oneself is by realising where your inbalances are on a 1st and 2nd chakra level and incorporating that in to your sexual activities. You may end up just transcending into a natural state of celibacy (yogi/guru status) when you are fully balanced and have no shames or bad feelings regarding sex (shame, gulit etc). This includes being a human bike to being scared of sex.

To have healthy, healing sex that will balance out the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical body is to be balanced with your root first and foremost. Go from the root to the heart and let the energy shoot upwards.

One way to balance out the sexual energy is to have tantric sex. This is sex without penetration. It’s slow and sacred, with an emphasis on the body-mind-soul connection rather than tease-me, please-me techniques. Then the real sex can happen and you can achieve a high bliss and learn to push the energy up and down your chakra system, energizing your own body rather than feeling drained.

With a balanced, healthy view on sex, you can achieve things people only dream of. A faster connection to Self, a clearer path to the Creator, healing your body from the inside, fixing damaged emotional or mental bodies, a greater understanding on your needs and wants, a greater understanding of others, a ‘X-ray’ look at how each of our different bodies operate and much more!

Your thoughts?

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Torus Technique

I came across this technique so thought I’d share. I’m gonna try it and see if it works for me. It’s primary function is to get you in touch with your ascended master/s. Of course, I will do what I normally do and adapt it to suit my needs to grow but first I’ll be interested to see whether it works as it should so look out for later posts on that. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. It’s called the Torus Technique (© Copyright Alpha Imaging 2013).

Anyone with meditation experience should easily be able to do this as difficult as it seems on paper, it will probably be really easy. It’s similar to a meditation I tried years ago and cannot for the life of me remember what the bloody thing was called! Anyhow, the shape of the Torus is a donut….mmmmm, donuts!


You are going to connect 3 aspects of yourself so they form a Torus (a sideways donut) – your Divine Mind, you Sacred Heart, and your Soul. Divine Mind being just below the Crown Chakra, Sacred Heart being your Heart Chakra and Soul being between the Heart and the Throat Chakra (where your collar bones meet).

So for the purpose of those who do not know where your chakras are, below is an image of them within the body. Remember, the soul is actually a few inches away from the physical body, inbetween the collarbones according to the website, so will not be represented in the image below.


(I don’t agree with all of the colours in this representation but as it’s merely to show you where your chakras are, here are what the colours represent – Red is your root/base, Orange is the sacral, Yellow is the solar plexus, Green is the heart, Blue is the throat, Cyan is the third eye and Purple is the crown)

Start with a meditative breathe – with the intention of connecting with your Ascended Master.

Now, focus on your body, become aware of it then shift your attention to your third eye then half an inch above it to which lies the Divine Mind. You then imagine a silver cord going from the Divine Mind down to the Sacred Heart. Another silver cord goes from the Sacred Heart to the Soul. From that, another cord connects straight up to the Divine Mind. In other words, create a sideways donut between three point. Mmmm…donut.

Untitled drawing (1)

So now you have your donut…I mean Torus, focus on it and state you would like your Ascended Master to come to you or simply ask that any masters step forward. He/she will have their own Torus and should come into line with yours. Two donuts! Yay! 😀 Or even better, a group of Torus! Anyway, stay in the meditational state and either raise your vibration to match your master/s or ask for teachings/guidance/directions and wait. ❤

Personalize your Torus if you want. My cords are going to be Royal Blue I reckon. Love that colour. Not keen on silver ❤

The information for the full science behind this can be found HERE and HERE plus it explains it better than me and even has a oral explanation plus meditation in oral form. Credit goes to original author @

Classical Music and higher consciousness

We all know music affects us and the ‘purer’ the music, the more altered the state of your consciousness will be in terms of higher states. Classical music is one of the ‘purer’ types of music, as there is no swearing, spellwords, labels and such. Pure music is pure Sourced lightcodes. When I listen to something that was made in love, especially a self-less love and coming directly from the heart, I ‘see’ threads of golden rays reaching to me and around me (benefits of being able to energy read). I cannot understand why I’ve never even wrote a blog on this before!

The effect for non-energy readers is akin to a ‘high’. It affects you positively and makes your crown chakra open up and your heart chakra expand. After just a week of listening to classical music and no rap/hip-hop/pop/heavy metal etc you will feel lighter, more relaxed and more connected to Self and other beings.

Classical music has been known to cure depression to a certain extent and is worth looking into. You will be happier for sure.

I find I get to a much heightened level when listening to anything mixed with classical. As long as when you close your eyes, you are transported to a happier place mentally, you can feel the warmth of the Source and be more open to the energies.

Try listening to the greats like Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, etc.

Of course, most of us from certain eras would have grown up listening to the greats so I’m mainly speaking to the younger generation. Though I was surprised (and amused) to find mash-ups of my fav composers, Edvard Grieg (dubstep style!) and Johann Sebastian Bach (trance style).


Is it wrong to charge for your ability?

I’ve put my prices up and have gotten a bit of backlash from it. Also, all over the FB community people are complaining about others charging for readings, healing, spells, etc. So…is it right to charge for your ability? Short answer, yes. Long answer is yes and no. If you charge for greed, then that’s a big no but for your worth and genuine time/energy….yes. I believe so. Why should we (who work hard in making your life easier) go without food or pleasures for you?

I spend time honing my main skill (energy reading) and I spend money in honing no end of other skills too (tarot cards cost money, reiki attunements are bleeding expensive, crystals aren’t cheap), I also do a lot of free readings without feeling like I have to make this known so a lot of people see me putting my prices up but they don’t see what I do in the background so think it’s greed. I don’t feel the need to feel guilty over it. Why? Because I KNOW MY WORTH! It’s that simple. I did free readings for years and was starting to feel abused and taken for granted. When I only charged a small amount, people pushed for a huge amount of work. At the end of the day. my time given to you lot is time taken away from my children and energy taken away from me doing inner work on myself. Energy exchange is really important to me. The work I do in the background more than makes up for a little personal gain money-wise imo. I can see where others are coming from though when they complain we charge.

Why charge for a gift you got? It’s wrong. God gave you it and to be true to the path is to be selfless. – I hear this a lot.

‘You know you have the same right?!’, is my answer, ‘If you cannot find the time to develop it, why should I not charge to use my time in helping you develop it or helping you with your stupid problems which can be resolved if you simply took the time to look inwards but no…I guess that falls on my shoulders right? and I should do this for free right? Never mind the fact I want to be happy, oh no, it’s God’s plan to make you happy and I should live a life struggling. Yeah, that’s fair’.

Basically, as long as you do not take advantage and let the greed fairy in, I agree we should be able to charge a price that suits both us and our customers. There’s a lot of us TRUE lightworkers, wayshowers, darkworkers, healers and catalysts that do a lot of work unseen on top of the work you lot do see. There is so much healing needed in this world, a lot of it goes unnoticed so we can do it in peace and do it correctly, anchoring our light/energy/healing to a person and/or place. There are also a lot of TRUE people who do this for free and trust the divine in getting their needs met. I’m not at that point yet…I still need to control…well, feel in control, over where I’m heading and how I’ll get there. This is being worked on but I personally cannot surrender completely just yet.

To those of you that have a problem with me and call me fake because I charge….Do you sit outside in the freezing cold, talking to Goddess moon? Do you know I do that? Not for my benefit, for yours. Do you see me in meditation, sending my energy outwards, putting my own relationship at risk by spending energy on the world instead of on one person, to make your lives better? Do you see the pain my soul is in when I tune in to the collective consciousness and the tears I cry for our world? Do you see the things I go without so others don’t have to? Do you see me giving help to someone when really I’m the one that’s drowning? Cause I do and you don’t. You don’t SEE full-stop because you are not walking my path, you are not me. Until you are on this side of the fence, you don’t get to judge me.

Why intuitives exist in the first place is because people refuse to look inwards for the answer. And many people all across the world, take advantage of that and charge without having any training or doing any work which is wrong…but so is putting that responsibility on someone else and expecting it to be free.

It cost money to keep an ad-free blog (which will soon be coming to an end as I simply cannot afford to keep my domain name and my other domain names running without help but it won’t be for long hopefully so sorry in advance haha). It cost time to write things. It cost energy to help others. It costs money for attunements. Etc. You see what I’m saying?? Everything costs something and everything has a worth….including me.

Life would be simple if people just looked within instead of outside of themselves for answers. But, life is school and school is hard. It’s a shame.

Try it though. Look within. If they lines are crossed, start unraveling them. See your issues and check what’s going on in your head folks. Chances are, it stems from unhealed wounds within or something as simple as your inner dialogue.

Our thoughts create our world. ❤

Our thoughts are magick! 😀


To my past, present and future connections…I’m sorry

I have had too many past connections to say sorry to individually and plus, I do not speak to 99% of them anymore (except family). But to be fully in the NOW and fully in the present, I need…well, want…to say sorry to them. If they are meant to hear it, I’m sure they will be guided to this post. This is also for those current connections, like family, who deserve an apology from me too. And any future connections who I may affect in a negative way, without it being helpful. Those presently who I have hurt or neglected in any way.

The whole purpose of me doing this is to release old and present hurt, pain, regret, guilt and other bad feelings so I can be free to forgive myself for my past behaviour, change my current behaviour and carry on growing into a better individual.

So, for those of you that this is relevant too, I’m sorry for being a pain in the ass. I’m sorry for blaming you (either consciously outloud or mentally) for things that I created or caused. I’m sorry for any pain I put you through where I was aware of my actions and words. I’m sorry for knocking your happiness for my own. I’m sorry if I ever led you astray to get my own way. I’m truly sorry for those I have hurt and those of you who have hurt me through what I have done. I take full responsibility for my actions and words and what they have caused to you, that’s why I decided to try and become a better person and a better parent a few years ago but without me openingly admitting I’ve said and done some vile things in the past, it’s worthless. I was a terrible individual and I’m sorry. I’m still not 100% free of ego issues so I still slip up, for that I am sorry for too.

Mainly, I wanted to say sorry to one person who will ‘get this’ if they read it (which I’m trusting they will) :

I’m sorry for disgusting you so much that you hate me,

I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused you and the names I’ve called you,

You challenged me like nobody else and I’m thankful for that. ❤



So many sorry’s in that lol. I won’t be on for a few days, I have inner work that needs to be done. So to those of you who follow me, I will be back…I just need some time to work on me. 🙂